Author:Matthew Stanlake

What Problems Does Physiotherapy Help With

What Problems Does Physiotherapy Help With?

Do you have a chronic condition or injury affecting comfort or your activities of daily living (ADLs)? Physiotherapy treatment may be what you need, whether your problem is caused by an illness, disability, or injury. A physiotherapist is a highly trained professional with the skills...

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

Have you heard of Pilates or know someone who does Pilates workouts? Are you unsure of what it actually is, and how it can benefit your fitness and health? If so, you have come to the right place.  In a nutshell, Pilates is a low-impact workout...

Can Pilates Help Me Lose Weight

Can Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

Pilates has numerous health benefits and can help you maintain a healthy weight. It can help relieve body tension, increase flexibility, boost your natural ability to burn fat and promote body awareness. But just how effective is pilates for weight loss? Read on to find...

Recover from COVID-19 & Flu

How Can I Best Recover from COVID-19 & Flu?

Written by Alana Murrihy, Senior Physiotherapist  It is helpful to understand that when we are unwell with a virus there are a number of factors working together to create the effects we experience. The virus itself & the resulting immune response. Deconditioning from being sedentary & recumbent: ...

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