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Eva Heraud


Bachelor of Physiotherapy
APPI Clinical Pilates
DMA Clinical Pilates
Balance and Control Pilates
Science of Cycling
Pilates for Cyclists APPI



In her role as Upwell’s Head of Wellness, Eva has high-level oversight for the delivery of our wide range of high-quality and outcomes-focused wellness services including pilates, massage, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.


Eva aspires to lead these services in an inspiring and collaborative way to ensure best outcomes for our community of patients and clients.


Wearing her second hat at Upwell, Eva is a senior physiotherapist specialising in Clinical Pilates.


You only have to talk to Eva once to know that she is extremely passionate about providing to her patients and clients the invaluable opportunity of mindful, purposeful and balanced movement.  Eva loves learning from her colleagues at Upwell and works with them closely to complement your care program.


Her love of how our bodies move and her understanding of the intricacies of the mind/body connection, enable her to deliver a detailed and inspiring session to addresses your health and wellness goals.


Eva has enjoyed a diverse career since qualifying as a physiotherapist. She has gained experienced within a range of public and private healthcare settings where she has cared for patients of all ages from grandparents to elite cyclists.


She has a depth of knowledge in treating patients with neurological conditions and chronic pain and has a keen interest in clinical pilates for pre-and post-natal treatment.


Eva has also taken her passion for body mechanics and cycling and helped only herself but other fellow cyclists to improve their technique and output.


Living your best life is…


Loving yourself. Doing what you love. Appreciating those around you. Caring for others and the planet.


Who/what helps you to live your best life?


My husband, daughter, son, dog, friends, my bike… and a sense of humour!


Describe your treatment/care approach in 5 words:


Empowering, fun, professional, holistic and creative.


Something most people don’t know about me is….


I used to be an underwater videographer in Thailand.

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