Bio: Millie Catania

Millie Catania




Bachelor of Science (Physiology and Neuroscience) – ONGOING STUDY


A valuable member of our Welcome Team, Millie brings the effervescence to the Upwell family.


Currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Physiology and Neuroscience), Millie has a keen interest in human structure and function, in particular, the relationship between the mind and the gut.


Millie brings experience working in events, promotion and marketing to her role at Upwell and has worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia.


Living your best life is…


Taking each day as it comes, while living an active, balanced lifestyle and doing things that make you happy!


Who/what helps you to live your best life?


My friends and family, and ensuring a positive attitude and outlook on life.


Describe your treatment/care approach in 5 words:


Empathetic, Genuine, Positive, Approachable & Compassionate.


Something most people don’t know about me is….


Come in to Upwell and I will tell you!

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