Upwell Health Collective Care Bundles 


We have developed the following care bundles to support particular patient cohorts that we feel would benefit from a combination of the services offered at Upwell Health Collective. These bundles have been carefully crafted so that you have every opportunity to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Up and Prepare Care Bundle 


Help to build your physical and mental resilience before you start your cancer treatment, with this carefully crafted bundle. Upwell’s allied health and wellness professionals will collaborate in your care and a designated care co-ordinator work closely with your surgeon or oncologist to ensure you receive the care you need. Importantly, at Upwell you will receive high levels of oversight and expert advice – all delivered within an inspiring and uplifting environment.

Choose from either exercise physiology (personalised exercises) or clinical pilates as your primary movement and complement it with two relaxing massages and a gentle restorative yoga session to help balance your mind, body and spirit.

Upwell allied health services may be covered under your private health insurance policy.


Bundle in detail:

  • 1 x 45min 1:1 Exercise Physiology initial assessment
  • 1 x 30min 1:1 Exercise Physiology session



  • 1 x 45min 1:1 Clinical Pilates initial assessment
  • 1 x 30min 1:1 Clinical Pilates session



  • 1 x 60min remedial or relaxation massage
  • 1 x 45min remedial or relaxation massage
  • 1 x 60min 1:1 restorative yoga session



  • Receive 10% off additional Upwell services and classes booked ongoing.


Total of five services at Upwell Health Collective.


TOTAL BUNDLE PRICE $390* (save up to $140)


Frequently asked questions:


Who will be caring for me at Upwell?

Services at Upwell are delivered by highly qualified allied health and wellness professionals, including pilates physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, who are committed to ensuring you achieve your health and wellness goals. You will be allocated an Upwell care co-ordinator, who will ensure appropriate handovers between each member of your Upwell care team and high levels of oversight and follow-up.


How will Upwell communicate with my oncologist or GP?

With your consent, your Upwell care coordinator will make contact with your oncologist via telephone prior to your first session in our centre. We will then continue to keep your doctor, or anyone else in your circle of care, up to date on your progress with regular written correspondence and phone discussions when and as required.


How do I book my Up and Prepare Bundle?

  1. Book in for any of the services as outlined in Pack Details above, either online or via phone with our reception team.
  2. If booking online please use enter “UPANDPREPARE” into the comments section just prior to completing your booking. If booking via phone, please advise our reception team member that you are booking an Up and Prepare Bundle.
  3. Shortly after we receive your booking, a member of our reception team will be in touch to obtain contact details for your oncologist or doctor who is overseeing your primary care and arrange the remainder of your appointments.


How do I pay for the bundle?

Rather than an upfront cost, you will pay for each service as it is delivered.  Your saving of up to $140 will be applied to your last two Upwell services. Rest assured, you will only pay the total bundle price with your appointments and payments carefully tracked in our system.


What commitment do you require from me?

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this bundle, by agreeing to purchase the bundle you agree to redeem all of the included services – but don’t worry, we will give you ample time to use them as we understand things can change quickly when undergoing treatment.

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