What Important Questions Should I Ask A Physiotherapist?

Questions I Should Ask Physiotherapist

What Important Questions Should I Ask A Physiotherapist?

Looking to start physiotherapy sessions to improve your mobility, ease pain, and strengthen your joints? Or would you like to refer your loved one to help them cope with age-related mobility issues? Visiting a physiotherapist can offer you a long-term solution to these and many other health problems.

However, you shouldn’t go in blindly. To find the best therapist and treatment plan for you, you need to understand the process and services offered. To realise your health goals, you need to have a dialogue with your current or potential physiotherapist. That said, you may wonder what questions you should ask a physiotherapist. Let’s take a look at some potential questions that should come up as you converse with your therapist.

What Questions Should I Ask A Physiotherapist?

Here are the most significant questions to ask your physiotherapist before seeking treatment:

Question 1: Do You Commonly Treat My Condition? 

Physiotherapists specialise in different conditions and particular niches such as sports, musculoskeletal, pain, headaches, and arthritis among others. As such, on the first appointment with your physiotherapist, it is essential to ask whether they usually treat patients suffering from your specific condition. This will offer an explicit insight into their skills and professionalism. However, if they don’t typically treat patients of your condition, don’t write them off completely. 

They could still possess the right skills, professionalism, and competency. They could also refer you to a physiotherapist with the right expertise to treat your condition. You could also ask them about additional undertakings if they specialise in more than one field.

Questions I Should Ask Physiotherapist

Question 2: What Type Of Therapy Is Best For My Condition? 

On your first appointment, your Physiotherapist will ask about specific issues affecting you, as well as your goals. These include symptoms, lifestyle, medical background, and ideal therapy goals. At this point, you will be tested for a range of motion, strength, neurological function and general conditioning.

This in-depth undertaking will help the physiotherapist get a solid understanding of the situation and adopt the right treatment plan for you. But because all the plans are revolving around you, you need to ask what the best course of action is. What should you expect and how will the sessions be undertaken? 

Ask your physiotherapist about the exact therapy that will be administered. Typically, the available options include massage, joint mobilisation, balance and coordination, pain and nervous system treatments, therapeutic exercises, and pain modalities. To know more, conduct your due diligence and learn about the best solutions so you have a basic understanding of what’s best. 

Question 3: How Will Physiotherapy Help Me and After How Long?

The sole reason for physical therapy is to feel and get better. Therefore, it is always a norm to inquire from your physical therapist how the treatment will be helpful to you. More concretely, having a set of logical and ambitious goals that are within a realistic timeline is crucial to eliminate disappointment and ensure the best health outcomes. 

The physiotherapist needs to have a clear layout of how your body will work and heal, and their influence on your condition. What are the best and worst-case scenarios? They must disclose a summary of the outcomes, which can help manage expectations.

Final Thoughts

You can’t just wake up one day and visit a therapist without knowing what to expect. Therefore, before making your first appointment, ensure you assess your condition thoroughly. You should conduct simple research regarding the existing scenarios based on your symptoms and issues. That way, you will have clear insight into what you want to achieve and manage your expectations. 

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