VIDEO | Upwell Health Collective – “The Why”

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VIDEO | Upwell Health Collective – “The Why”

As a trained physiotherapist and healthcare professional, Upwell’s founder knew there was a better way of delivering medical services in Australia – especially in musculoskeletal care industry.

He experienced this first-hand when he engaged a range of health disciplines to treat his own musculoskeletal injuries. Over several frustrating years, he drove around Melbourne to see physiotherapists, surgeons, sports doctors, massage therapists, exercise experts…you name it. It was time consuming and expensive, while none of them worked together to reach the best outcomes for their patient.

He also re-told his story many times while the various health professionals gave him conflicting advice. His motivation and mental health started to deteriorate, furthermore his musculoskeletal conditions were not improving.

Does this sound familiar? He wanted to make a difference for other patients. Consequently he has created an innovative, collaborative and inspiring environment where patients and clients feel like they are a part of a health community working together to achieve their health, wellness, fitness and recovery goals. And so Upwell Health Collective was born. Finally, it was time.

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