At “Upwell NDIS Health” we have significant concerns for the health & wellbeing of our NDIS population, due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Many individuals within the NDIS community have lost many of their usual supports, exercise & recreational activities & social connections that are vital for their physical, mental & social wellbeing.

“Upwell NDIS Health” aims to solve this problem by delivering a full suite of health & wellness services to our NDIS community, which can be delivered at our award-winning Camberwell NDIS centre, or in the your (home visits). 

“Upwell NDIS Health” Services Include:

“Upwell NDIS Health” Services Cover:

  • Individualised exercise & movement programs
  • Falls prevention & balance
  • Gait (walking & running) retraining
  • Pain & injury management
  • AlterG Anti Gravity Training
  • Mental health support & monitoring 
  • Home visits with full COVID19 safety precautions
  • Nutritional support & meal delivery (with our partner “We Feed You“).
  • Social support and regular ‘in-person’ check-ins
  • Use of technology to help connect with family & friends

“Upwell NDIS Health” is for those who:

  • Have lost NDIS supports due to the COVID19 pandemic
  • Are deconditioned & in need of exercise therapy 
  • Are at risk of falling in their home or within the community
  • Have goals of participating in sports and other recreational activities 
  • Are seeking more independence in their lives
  • Have chronic pain & fatigue conditions 
  • Are seeking pain relief or injury management
  • Are awaiting orthopaedic surgery or recovering from surgery
  • Have Parkinson’s, Huntington’s Disease or other neurological conditions 
  • Have cognitive impairments (e.g. Dementia, Alzheimer’s)
  • Have Down Syndrome or developmental conditions
  • Suffer from mental illness and need holistic lifestyle solutions
  • Have had amputations or significant traumatic injuries 
  • Have sustained a head injury or spinal cord injury
Skype Healthcare

Our “Upwell NDIS Health” centre includes:

5 x Award Winning Health Centre.


  • 100% accessible / ramped site from front to rear
  • Fully functioning gym
  • Rehab space
  • Pilates studio
  • 10 consult rooms
  • Yoga studio
  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmill
  • Chronic pain hub
  • Warm & friendly welcome area
  • Large accessible car park with 28 FREE spaces

COVID19 & NDIS | What problems are we trying to solve?

  • A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ problem, whereby a large number of NDIS participants have been forced into their homes due to COVID-19, with very little planning, advice or management strategies to prevent physical, mental & social health decline.


  • Tackle an unidentified and significant problem before it takes full effect. The focus is on preventative care, independent management strategies and tailored healthcare goals.


  • Provide peace of mind to loved ones of NDIS participants that their health needs are being met. Furthermore, reassurance for them that NDIS healthcare services are operating to maximise the long, active, healthy lives of our NDIS community.


  • Minimise the burden of disease, falls, and mortality amongst our NDIS community that will increase due to lack of mobility & supports during the current COVID19 crisis.


  • Ensure our NDIS population have access to nutritious, healthy & delicious food during the COVID-19 pandemic (see below for our partnership with the amazing “We Feed You” meal delivery service).


  • Ensure our NDIS community have access to the highest level of health & wellness services, whether they are being delivered at our physical NDIS premises in Camberwell, or in the homes of our NDIS clients.

NDIS Nutritional Support & Meal Delivery

Physiotherapy in the home
elderly nutrition

We are excited & proud to partner with our favourite meal delivery company “We Feed You” to help support our NDIS community members (trust us, we’ve tested them all).


At “Upwell NDIS Health” we have identified that some of the NDIS population may not be able to access good food/nutrition at this time, due to COVID-19 isolation restrictions, and a loss of support services. This means they may either become malnourished or distressed, due to the extra effort and risks of shopping, preparing and cooking their own meals, at this time. 


Given we will be caring for this community anyway, we saw an amazing opportunity to partner with our friends from “We Feed You” to ensure our NDIS community members have access to the most nutritious, healthy and delicious pre-prepared meals on the market.


Note: “Upwell NDIS Health” will offer the “We Feed You” service free-of-charge and will not mark-up any meals. This will ensure access to affordable, high-quality meals, ranging from $8-$11 when purchased as 10 packs (one week of food for lunch & dinner).

Why “We Feed You”?

Well, firstly, “We Feed You” are a much loved & trusted part of the “Upwell Health Collective” community and we LOVE working with & supporting people who are doing amazing things.


They are also a little different from the rest. How so? Well, for starters, their ‘food’ team Dave & Charlotte bring award-winning, chef-prepared meals to your home. Dave is an exceptional chef with 7 years as ‘Head Chef’ at the iconic Melbourne restaurant MoVida. Charlotte has been trusted to cook for clients around the world as a Private Chef and is also a highly experienced nutrition expert and Dietitian.


Dave and Charlotte ensure all the produce in the We Feed You kitchen is of the highest quality, and their meals are free of added preservatives. They insist, based on their experience, that We Feed You meals are frozen. Why? Because it’s the purest, oldest form of preservation, that locks in all nutrients and goodness. Nothing is tampered with.


We Feed You can provide meals partially covered under the NDIS line item for meal preparation. A small co-payment of approximately $2.50-$3.00 is required to cover the cost of the food ingredients themselves. Please see the fee details of our NDIS meal delivery service HERE.

Fees, Rebates & Payments:

We want to make your “Upwell NDIS Health” process as easy as possible. This includes features such as multiple payment options & high levels of communication with yourself and/or your NDIS case manager.


We will ensure you have access to one of our ‘Client Experience Officers’ to help you through the process at all times.



Please speak with one of our friendly ‘Client Experience Officers’ to discuss your care needs and appropriate service(s),


Assistance with the cost of preparation and delivery of meals:


Our meal delivery partners We Feed You can provide meals partially covered under the NDIS line item for meal preparation. A small co-payment of approximately $2.50-$3.00 is required to cover the cost of the food ingredients themselves. Please see the fee details of our NDIS meal delivery service HERE.

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