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As a trained physiotherapist and healthcare professional, Upwell’s founder knew there was a better way of delivering medical services in Australia – especially in the musculoskeletal, pain & chronic illness areas. He experienced this first-hand when he required a range of health disciplines to treat his own musculoskeletal injuries & chronic pain. Over several frustrating years, he drove around Melbourne to engage with physiotherapy, orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, massage therapy, exercise physiology, podiatry & more…you name it.


It was time consuming and expensive, while none of them worked together to reach the best outcomes for their patient. He also re-told his story many times while the various health professionals gave him conflicting advice. His motivation and mental health started to deteriorate, furthermore his musculoskeletal & pain conditions were not improving. Does this sound familiar?


He wanted to make a difference for other patients. Consequently he has created an award winning innovative, collaborative and inspiring environment where patients and clients feel like they are a part of a health community working together to achieve their health, wellness, fitness and recovery goals.


And so Upwell Health Collective was born. Finally, it was time.

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How we deliver our care


Patient care at Upwell is delivered in an innovative, collaborative and award winning inspiring setting.


At Upwell, your health practitioner(s) will work with you to develop a detailed treatment pathway which will answer four key questions:


  1. What’s wrong with me?
  2. What caused it?
  3. How long will it take me to get better?
  4. What is the investment from me?



Your treatment plan is goal-based so that we can track your progress and so that you never feel like you are floating. Your treatment is also strictly private & one-on-one (unless in a class setting), meaning we NEVER juggle multiple patients at once, a concern many of our patients have reported to us from their past experiences with other healthcare providers (e.g. Physiotherapists). 


We believe in educating you right from the start. We take the time to investigate and then diagnose your condition and then use some of the world’s best technology to help you understand it.


First, we empower you and then we work as a team to achieve your recovery goals. This includes access to our best in industry fitness and rehabilitation technology and equipment, including a NASA-designed anti-gravity treadmill.


Our team of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Massage Therapists & Pilates Practitioners based in Camberwell, will collaborate to determine the best possible approach to your treatment and recovery. In some cases, this may mean a referral to another Upwell service. But rest assured, you will only have to tell your story once.


For people with more complex conditions requiring multiple Upwell services, we offer collaborative patient consults with your Upwell care team.

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At Upwell, we are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.


This means delivering some of the longest appointments in the industry so that you receive the necessary education, treatment and support to aid you in your recovery.


This is our longer appointment PROMISE.


For example, we have extended our standard initial physiotherapy appointment to 45 minutes, while our standard subsequent/follow-up physiotherapy appointment has been extended by 50% to 30 minutes.


We also then offer you additional value by providing you access to our best in industry fitness and rehabilitation technology and equipment after your one-on-one time with your Physiotherapist. In this example it means your total appointment time can be between 45 minutes and 60 minutes.


We also spend extended periods of time on follow-up to ensure the highest quality care (we often hear our clients complaining about a lack of follow-up in past healthcare experiences). This may include communicating with your other healthcare professionals, ordering tests, adjusting your plan or online exercise program and talking to family members who may be supporting your journey.


We feel this offers excellent value to our community of patients but more importantly, it gives us the best chance possible to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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