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Podiatry at Upwell Health Collective in Camberwell is not your standard podiatry care. We have flipped podiatry on its head by delivering a model-of-care that is much more in line with current healthcare expectations from our community and utilises the latest in evidence-based practice. We have addressed all of the things that we know our communities have been wanting from their podiatrists.


Upwell Podiatrists use cutting-edge technology for our podiatry clients including 3D-printed orthotics, AlterG anti-gravity treadmill training and video gait and biomechanics analysis.


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Why Choose Podiatry At Upwell Health Collective?

No one should be forced to live with foot and ankle pain on a daily basis, as it can restrict everything we do and is a source of massive inconvenience.


At Upwell, we understand the importance of our patient’s foot and ankle health and their desire to return to a normal life. That’s why we continue to push forward with customised programs and innovative treatment options. Every patient is a member of our family and we go above and beyond to help.


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AFL Hall of Famer – Jonathan Brown


Australian Personality – Chrissie Swan


AFL Hall of Famer – Mick Malthouse

What is Podiatry?

The goal of podiatry is to diagnose and treat specific foot and ankle problems that a patient is facing, in addition to general foot health. This can include treatment for heel pain, plantar fasciitis, fractures, sports injuries, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, and arthritis.


Every podiatry client at Upwell receives a one-on-one assessment from a fully trained podiatrist who will use diagnostics such as gait analysis to build a comprehensive program. This can include a wide range of treatment types depending on the severity of the condition and the desired outcome.

Benefits of Podiatry

  • Managing and reducing heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Managing tendon injuries including Achilles tendon conditions
  • Orthotics and footwear prescription
  • Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Treating sports injuries
  • Managing foot and toe arthritis
  • General foot care (ingrown toe-nails, callus, bunions, blisters etc.)
  • Running and biomechanical assessment
  • Improving sports performance through maximising muscle and joint function
  • Podiatry delivered shock wave therapy
  • Most treatments are covered by health insurance


Our feet are very important which makes foot care extremely important as well. There are many different problems a person can encounter involving their feet and thus many different benefits that podiatry can provide. Podiatrists treat conditions at the source and also teach patients how to lower the risk of similar problems in the future.


Most podiatry treatments are safe and non-invasive. They provide a comfortable alternative to high-risk treatment options. Podiatry is an essential form of health care that’s useful for children, adults, and seniors.

Meet our Podiatrists

Private practices can only be as good as the practitioners on their team. That’s why Upwell strives to only employ the best podiatrists in Camberwell. All of our Podiatry team are fully educated, certified, and experienced in their area of expertise. That’s why our patients are always confident that they are getting the best treatment possible.

Our podiatrists include:

James (Jim) Unkles – James is the Podiatry Team Leader, a senior podiatrist, and has a Master’s of Podiatric Practice. He excels in the treatment of lower limb conditions and has qualifications for modern foot mobilisation techniques.


Josh Butcher – Josh is a dual qualified physiotherapist and podiatrist. He is also the head of surgical care at Upwell Health Collective. He has a Master’s of Podiatric practice and is dry needling certified.


Kate Monks – Kate joins Team Upwell with a Bachelor’s Degree in Podiatry, level 1 certification in foot mobilisation, FIFA diploma in Football medicine & expertise in running & gait assessment, including being a Paralympic athletics coach & mentor.

Upwell Podiatrists are leaders in their fields and have an outstanding health care track record.

Podiatry Frequently Asked Questions

What does a podiatrist treat?

Podiatrists are the experts when it comes to treating your lower limbs. They can treat anything from arthritic pain, bunions and calluses as well as sports injuries, running injuies and diabetes complications. Upwell Podiatrists can also assit in recovery after an operation and work with many well respected foot and ankle surgeons in Melbourne.

What does a podiatrist do to your feet?

That depends on the condition being treated. Podiatrists can provide joint mobilsation, soft tissue massage, taping, shockwave therapy, orthotics, exercise prescription and dry needling.

What is the difference between a foot doctor and a podiatrist?

A foot doctor is informal and sometimes an international term used to describe a podiatrist.

Do podiatrists cut toenails?

Yes. Podiatrists regularly assist patients with toe nail care and treatment.

How much does it cost to have a podiatrist cut toenails?

The average cost of medical nail trimming by a podiatrist is around $70-90 with most podiatry care covered under Private Health Insurance (check with your provider for specific rebates).

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