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Jennifer Smallridge (ESSA)




  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology 
  • Lecturer in Exercise Science & Human Anatomy at Deakin University
  • Regular contributor to media outlets for exercise expertise & knowledge
  • Pilates and therapeutic yoga trained
  • Years of experience in Exercise Physiology in the private practice setting


Upwell Exercise Physiologist Jennifer Smallridge is a specialist in the prescription of exercise for the management of many health conditions and injuries.


Through her extensive experience in private practice and hospital settings, Jennifer has developed a strong passion for the completion of the right exercises at the right time for many medical and musculoskeletal conditions.


A member of Exercise and Sport Science Australia, Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to getting people moving and improving their health. She has also undertaken further training in Clinical Pilates, Mindfulness and Therapeutic Yoga, allowing her to truly uncover what works when it comes to exercise.


Jennifer has particular interest areas in exercise for weight management, neurological conditions, chronic pain, mental health, fatigue, hip and back pain (just to name a few!); as well as everyday people who want to get fit and healthy. She is a strong believer in exercise as medicine. Jennifer looks at all areas of someone’s lifestyle before creating a comprehensive plan to improve health and wellness.


In addition to her role as an exercise physiologist, Jennifer is an academic lecturer in the fields of Exercise Science, Human Anatomy and Physical Activity for Health. She is also a keen exerciser herself, and keeps fit through strength training, yoga, Pilates, dancing and cycling. Jen is also a regular contributor to media outlets regarding exercise and healthy lifestyle, including her latest appearance on House Of Wellness for Channel 7.  



Living your best life is…


Investing well in your body (food, movement, sleep, social connection) so that it can take you through life with ease.


Who/what helps you to live your best life?


My close friends and loved ones, who continually are there for a laugh and good chat, the many books on my book shelf, yoga, and I do love a good podcast.


Describe your treatment/care approach in 5 words:


Tiny habits for big results.


Something most people don’t know about me is….


I nearly didn’t study exercise and sport science because I wanted to be a writer!

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