Personal & Functional Fitness Training Services Camberwell


What is personal training?


Upwell personal training is training for life. It mimics the movements of day-to-day activities, such as carrying groceries or climbing stairs, through strength and resistance-based exercises. The outcome is increased coordination, strength, fitness and, most importantly, a decreased risk of injury. For example, a focus on squats trains the muscles in your body that engage when you rise up and down from a chair. You’ll soon be doing this with ease!


Our personal training also focuses on strengthening your body’s core muscles, so you’ll see improvements in flexibility, strength, balance, fitness and power. Functional training is for people of all ages and abilities.


Learn more about personal training here.


How can personal & functional fitness training help?


  • General health and fitness (using safe functional techniques)
  • Weight loss
  • Improving confidence and self esteem
  • Improving balance and posture
  • Reducing your risk of injury
  • Increasing flexibility and coordination
  • Improving muscle memory for sports-specific exercises
  • Increasing the ease of everyday actions
  • Improving overall physical performance
  • What can I expect in my initial assessment?

    • In your initial assessment you will be taken through your medical history including any previous or current injuries or ailments. Your past exercise regimes, what you would like to achieve moving forward and goal setting. You will then be taken into the gym area where you will be assessed on your physical status accordingly. This gives us a clear picture of where you sit with your health and fitness at present and what it will look like moving forward.

  • What can I expect from the 2 week Intro Unlimited classes?

    • Upwell has a wide range of classes suitable for all fitness levels. The 2-week unlimited class gives you the ability to try as many classes as you like and find the ones that you love the most! An initial assessment is required as we care about your health and well being, therefore this enables us to recommend the classes that are most suitable for you. Work up a sweat as you get to know the rest of the Upwell family.

  • What can I expect from a one-on-one Personal Training session?

    • In your one-on-one session you will be working directly with a personal trainer that has tailored a session based on your initial assessment and personal goals. This could be exercises ranging from cardiovascular, rehabilitation, and muscle building to name a few.
    • We highly recommend consistent personal training in order to reach your goals in an efficient and safe environment.

  • What is the difference between a 30 and 45 minute personal training session?

    • We recommend a longer period of time for those that need more guidance in learning new exercises and gaining proficiency in executing them. We will spend time in your warm up phase and cool down phase as well as your main body of work.
    • 30 minute sessions should be reserved for those that already know basic exercises, technique and how to execute them. As it is a shorter duration, we advise clients to be in 10 minutes early warming up and spend an additional 10 minutes post workout cooling down and stretching.

  • What will I expect from a two-on-one session?

    • Firstly we advise that if you are to do a two-on-one session, that you are similar in your fitness abilities and do not carry any major injuries as this may cause difficulties in prescribing exercises to both parties. The personal trainer will guide both of you  on exercises in accordance to your goals. This is more of a fun way to get a workout in with a partner as opposed to tracking your own individualised performance.

  • Bookings & Payments

    • Bookings for classes can be made via our website by clicking on the ‘book class now’ button, which will take you through to our online bookings section where you can select to attend the classes you want. Bookings for classes can also be made by calling us on (03) 8849 9096 or by visiting Upwell Health Collective during reception hours which are 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 12pm Saturday.
    • As our classes are small-group with no more than 10 participants in a class, we recommend booking your classes ahead of time to ensure that you can attend the classes that you want. We do not recommend turning up before a class starts to book your spot as classes can fill up quickly and you may miss out. When you arrive at Upwell, please visit reception to check-in prior to each class and make payment for classes. Payments for classes are pre-paid via casual classes, class passes (5, 10 or 20) or our two-week functional training intro pass.
    • We keep your class passes on your file at reception so there is no need to remember to bring your pass along. We will also remind you when you have almost used your classes on your pass if you wish to purchase another.

Personal & Functional Fitness Training Services Camberwell