What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

Have you heard of Pilates or know someone who does Pilates workouts? Are you unsure of what it actually is, and how it can benefit your fitness and health? If so, you have come to the right place. 

In a nutshell, Pilates is a low-impact workout that is specifically designed to use controlled repetitive movements to tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles. From improved posture to added strength and flexibility, there are many advantages of integrating Pilates into your workout routine.

Continue reading below to find out more about the main benefits of Pilates. 

Works For All Types Of People

First and foremost, Pilates is a great workout routine that can benefit all types of people regardless of their fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner, or normally exercise on a regular basis, you can benefit from engaging in Pilates exercises. 

The intensity of Pilates exercises can be varied to match the exact needs of each individual. It is highly recommended that you enrol for a Pilates class or work with a private Pilates instructor when starting Pilates to ensure that you learn how to do these workouts with minimal risk of injury. 

Improved Muscle Strength

Pilates exercises have been shown to boost abdominal, lower body and upper body muscle strength. By using a type of muscle contraction referred to as eccentric contraction, Pilates helps you build long and toned muscles over time. Simply put, Pilates workouts help stretch and strengthen your muscles at the same time. After a good Pilates workout, you are more likely to feel looser and more aware of your body and its movements. 

Whole Body Workout 

Pilates works to train the whole body as one integrated unit. The exercises normally target the body as well as the mind. In addition to focusing on posture and flexibility, these workouts also cater to the upper body, lower body and core strength. As a result, the exercises promote balanced strength and muscle development. 

It is hard to find anything close to the level of whole-body fitness integration offered by Pilates, especially when you factor in the mind and breathing elements as well. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates

Improved Posture

Good alignment supported by a strong core translates into good posture. People who regularly do Pilates normally have good posture, which is also one of the main reasons why these exercises are great for people suffering from back pain. 

Good posture helps your body move freely. This materialises as you progress through your Pilates training, engaging in different exercises that require your body to express itself harmoniously and with strength. 

Enhanced Flexibility 

Even though Pilates does not have as many pretzel-like exercise positions as yoga, it still helps you stretch; thereby enhancing your flexibility. Pilates helps you work on increasing the range of motion in your joints while at the same time lengthening and stretching your muscles. 

Burn More Calories 

As previously mentioned, Pilates is a low-impact workout. While these exercises are not considered to be the best when it comes to burning extra calories, they do assist with building lean muscle mass. Increased lean muscle translates into an elevated rate of burning calories. This also means that Pilates has the potential to move you closer to your weight loss goals. 

Stronger Mind-Body Connection

Pilates was developed with the belief that the mind and body are connected. You gain the greatest benefit from each movement when the body and mind come together when you execute each Pilates movement with complete attention. 

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