Can Podiatrists Help with Ingrown Toenails and Problem Toes?

Podiatrists Help with Ingrown Toenails

Can Podiatrists Help with Ingrown Toenails and Problem Toes?

Are you experiencing pain in your big toe? Have you developed an ingrown toenail? An ingrown toenail is a common problem and you must be wondering where you may seek a solution for this problem. 

Since the proliferation of nail salons, many people have this misconception that a salon is the right place to get their ingrown toenails treated. However, most nail salons are unhygienic and they don’t have the required expertise, training and tools to treat an ingrown toenail problem in the right manner. Keep reading to learn how a podiatrist can help with ingrown toenails and problem toes!

Home Treatment

Once you notice an ingrown toenail, you might want to try some at-home treatment, to begin with. Keep your foot soaked in warm water for around 20 minutes. Repeat twice a day. After drying your foot thoroughly, spread some antibiotic cream over any infected areas. Try to keep your feet as clean as possible. Make sure your socks and shoes are also clean.

Repeat this for a few days and if you don’t find relief from the painful symptoms of an ingrown toenail, it is time for you to visit a podiatrist.

Reasons for Ingrown Toenails

A toenail is considered ingrown when the edge of a toenail starts sinking into the tissue at the outer edges of the nail bed. Healthy nails grow in a straight direction out from the grooves.

Ingrown toenails can happen due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Continuously wearing tightly fitting shoes that pinch the toes together
  • Cutting down the toenails too short
  • Some kind of trauma on the toenail such as dropping a heavy item
  • Hereditary problems

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Ingrown Toenail Symptoms

It is important to realise that an ingrown toenail can become infected and if it becomes infected, the infection can easily spread to the underlying structure. If it is not treated in time, an ingrown toenail can quickly become a big health issue.

Here are a few symptoms that mean the toenails are getting worse:

  • If you continue to feel pain in your toe without touching the area
  • The affected toe is swollen or red
  • Drainage or pus from the affected tissue

Can Podiatrists Help with Ingrown Toenails and Problem Toes?

Podiatrists have the necessary training, tools and experience to treat an ingrown nail problem. They will not only fix the problem but will also recommend measures to avoid the recurrence of such a problem.

Podiatrists typically treat an ingrown toenail in 2 main ways:

1). Nail lifting — The professional will gently lift the nail at the edge to separate it from the nail bed. This will give you quick relief from pain. Once the nail has been lifted, dental floss, a splint or cotton is placed under it. This process needs to be repeated daily until the nail starts growing above the edge of the nail bed.

2). Partial or full removal — If the problem has become too severe, the podiatrist might recommend partial or complete removal of the affected part of the nail. They begin by applying a local anaesthetic before removing the infected part.

Tips to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

While a podiatrist treats your ingrown toenail, this does not mean that the problem is never going to recur. Here are a few tips to help you avoid such a problem in the future:

1). Trim nails correctly — Make sure you trim the nails correctly. In order to avoid an ingrowing nail, make sure the nail edge is cut straight across. If you want to have a curve, make use of a nail file to make a slight curve instead of cutting the nail too short.

2). Wear proper shoes — Some people like to wear really tight shoes that keep their toes cramped. This is an unnatural position and you should never wear uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time. Sometimes high heels may also lead to ingrown toenails.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a podiatrist is the right professional to help you with ingrown toenails as well as problem toes. They have the right tools to treat it correctly and they will also recommend measures to ensure that you do not have such a problem again. Upwell Health Collective offers a comprehensive and uniquely designed treatment plan for each of our patients.

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