Which Pilates Work Out Is Better, Mat or Reformer?

Pilates Work Out Mat or Reformer

Which Pilates Work Out Is Better, Mat or Reformer?

If you’re familiar with Pilates, you probably already know that the two prominent types are mat and reformer. However, which one is better? Which one will give you long-lasting results faster? Granted, both mat and reformer offer incredible benefits. This makes most newbies wonder which one among the two is right for their goals and abilities. In this post, we’ll review both:

Is Mat Or Reformer Pilates Better?

Both mat and reformer pilates help develop your fundamental strength and muscle tone. They teach you how to initiate motions from your body’s powerhouse, which will immediately positively impact your daily activities. 

While the reformer uses machine springs to create resistance to the pilates movements, mat sessions employ the student’s body weight as resistance. In this sense, pilates workouts are noticeably different, even though you can execute the same movements on the reformer as you would on the mat. 

Pilates Mat Workout

Mat work is the foundation of the entire pilates workout routine. During a typical mat session, you will work out the legs, stomach, lower, and top back muscles the most. During the session, your weight typically acts as resistance against gravity, making the exercise more difficult.

Mat work strongly emphasises developing muscle control while performing exercises, which makes it a fantastic choice for beginners. But don’t let the fact that it seems simple fool you; advanced mat classes are the hardest types of pilates workout since you constantly utilise your body for resistance yet the reformer isn’t there to help or support you.  

Why is this a great choice? It’s ideal for beginners, simple and easy to learn at first. It is also incredible that you get to control your body completely without relying on an apparatus for support or aid. 

Pilates Work Out  Mat or Reformer

Pilates Reformer Workout

The modern pilates reformer is a small bed with belts, pulleys, and a movable carriage that may be adjusted for resistance by adding or withdrawing springs. Most people often get intimidated by the machine the first time, given its sturdy build. Indeed, it’s the most adaptable and powerful piece of workout equipment ever created! That shouldn’t intimidate you though, it should challenge you. 

The range of exercises accessible on the reformer is significantly larger than on the mat, thanks to the resistance produced by the pulley and spring system. These offer a wider variety of workouts: you can make motions from the most fundamental to the most complex on the reformer. 

A reformer also allows you to execute more exercises in a variety of different body positions. You can work out while seated, as well as on your feet or knees. It also offers more difficult strength and endurance training than mat sessions, producing results faster.  

Bottom Line: So Which One Is Better? 

Still don’t know which one is better between mat and reformer? Don’t second-guess your choice! Most people will profit equally from both strategies. Both will show you how to make the most of your powerhouse by strengthening the core of your body, which will positively impact your daily activities and athletic performance. 

If you want to achieve faster results though, the reformer can offer increased resistance for more intense training. It is also the best for people with chronic imbalances or injuries. That said, it would be wise to talk to your physiotherapist and assess which one will serve you better. 

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The most critical aspect is to ensure that you undertake regular exercises and that you adhere to the Pilates principles to the latter throughout your sessions. This will help you reap the maximum benefits possible! 

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