The Urban List: What is all of the fuss about?


The Urban List: What is all of the fuss about?

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If you take a peek into the future of health care, you’ll probably see something like Upwell Health Collective. This place is kind of insane: a tranquil Zen space in Camberwell that combines nearly every type of clinical and wellness treatment known to science (and some known to faith).

It all started with Matthew Stanlake, a trained physiotherapist, who decided there was a better way to keep people healthy than sending them to 17 competing doctors, physios, massage therapists, yoga instructors and osteopaths. So he brought it all together under one well-designed roof.

Upwell takes a holistic approach to healthcare. It’s the first place in Melbourne to combine yoga, Pilates, Chinese medicine and meditation with clinical services (like physio and podiatry). There’s even a fully-equipped gym on-site, complete with professional PTs, who can tailor an exercise program or help you build strength back after an injury.

The whole thing is packaged with the style and sophistication you’d usually find in a slick South Melbourne café: all blond timber, cascading garden walls and polished concrete. You get the feeling this is a glimpse into what health care COULD be: something modern and multi-disciplinary that’s not afraid of natural remedies. A place for 21 year-old athletes AND 80 year-old arthritis patients alike.

So if #1 on your New Years’ resolution list was ‘Get Healthy’, give Upwell a try. There’s no-one else in town doing anything like it.

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