How Long Does A Typical Physiotherapy Session Last?

How Long Physiotherapy Session Lasts

How Long Does A Typical Physiotherapy Session Last?

Have you recently experienced chronic pain, suffered an injury, or undergone surgery? If so, your doctor may recommend seeing a physical therapist. Physiotherapy sessions play a significant role in improving the flexibility and movement of a patient and restoring their normalcy and mobility. 

However, amid your busy schedule, you could struggle with finding the time to attend your sessions, leading to the question, ‘How long does a typical physiotherapy session last?’ Before we delve into this, no matter how long it takes, you need to be present for every session. Why? Because physiotherapy sessions can help you manage pain and prevent diseases or injuries from becoming worse than necessary. 

How Long Should A Physiotherapy Session Take?

Physiotherapy sessions involve stretches, exercises, and massages, among other treatments, to reduce pain and improve mobility of the affected area. The sessions mostly last about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the complexity of the issue and the treatment required. 

Patients who receive more comprehensive physiotherapy services and clinical support than others typically require more time. The overall length of physiotherapy treatment however depends on various factors that include the following:

5 Key Factors That Determine the Length of Physiotherapy Treatments

1). The Nature of the Condition

People receive physiotherapy for varying injuries and conditions. Some of these are minor injuries, soft tissue injuries, and also minor surgery, while others are more severe injuries or complicated conditions. People with minor conditions or injuries may need about 1-6 sessions before recovery. 

On the other hand, people with complex conditions may require at least six months of physiotherapy and many sessions in between. For example, patients suffering from urinary incontinence, sports-related injuries, rotator cuff tears, lower or upper back pain, developmental disorders in kids, and spinal cord-related injuries will vary in the recovery period.

2). The Severity of the Condition

Different conditions require varying lengths of physiotherapy treatment as seen above. However, two people with the same condition can have different lengths of physiotherapy sessions and also how long recovery takes. Why? Because the severity of the patient’s condition matters. The more severe it is, the longer the sessions and time needed for recovery.

How Long Physiotherapy Session Lasts

3). The Patient’s Level of Commitment

Patients dedicated to physical therapy exercises may recover faster than those who skip the odd session or avoid physio altogether. Besides physical exercises, lifestyle adjustments such as sleeping habits, diet, and even mental health can speed up or derail the period of physiotherapy sessions. Faster achieving of goals could also reduce the time needed for a session.

4). The Expertise of the Physiotherapist

Knowing the right kind of physiotherapist to visit also determines the healing period. Some physiotherapists specialise in chronic pain, sports injuries, respiratory conditions, neurological injuries, and elderly rehabilitation. Ensure that you visit a physiotherapist that specialises in your condition or injury for faster sessions and overall recovery time.

5). Ability To Cope With Pain and Other Side Effects

Different patients can experience different side effects when undergoing physiotherapy treatment. Common side effects of physiotherapy include swelling and pain. Swelling is common since joints, muscles, ligaments, and tissues must stretch during physical exercises. 

Pain is experienced as the body begins to recuperate and recover. You can address such pain by administering oral pain medicines and heat/cold therapy. The faster your recovery and the higher your ability to cope with these side effects, the faster your sessions will take. 


Physiotherapy is important in recovery regardless of the treatment period. For physiotherapy to work successfully, the patient must attend all the required sessions until they achieve the set goal. That said, always make sure you follow through, regardless of the time needed for a full recovery. 

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