What are orthotics?


Orthotics are a type of foot orthoses that provide support for the feet and can assist in redistributing ground reaction forces as well as addressing bio-mechanical abnormalities with standing, walking or running.


Foot orthotics should not be prescribed unless you have undertaken a thorough bio-mechanical assessment from a Podiatrist. Orthotics assist in re-positioning your foot to it’s optimal position, ensuring you have good lower limb alignment and bio-mechanics.


Remember, we spend most of our lives on our feet and walk up to 2,500km per year, so it’s crazy to think we don’t give this important part of our body the right tools to function at its best. Your feet are your bodies foundations, get your feet right and the rest will follow (work from the ground, up).


At Upwell Health Collective, we understand that all feet are completely different, so we have invested in the most advanced orthotic technology to ensure you get 100% accuracy with YOUR foot orthotics. This technology includes 3D scanning equipment to get a laser accurate representation of your foot, removing human error and the need for adjustments and re-adjustments.


We can then upload your foot to the cloud and have your orthotic printed within 24 hours. Forget the old plaster cast and foam boxes that many Podiatrists use, we produce the most advanced foot orthotics on the market and have the highest level of expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for you.


Orthotics can be used for:


Podiatry & Biomechanics

Patrick O'Connell

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Western Bulldogs AFLW captain and Marquee AFLW player Katie Brennan, receiving 3D scanned orthotics with Upwell’s Podiatrist, Pat O’Connell. 

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