Running Review | New Balance FuelCell Rebel


Running Review | New Balance FuelCell Rebel

Upwell Health Collective Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Running Coach Jaclyn Murphy reviews the latest release New Balance FuelCell Rebel running shoe (video below).

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Hi guys, Jaclyn Murphy here from Upwell Health Collective. I’m an accredited exercise physiologist, and running coach.

Today, we are reviewing the New Balance FuelCell Rebel.

The New Balance FuelCell Rebel is the latest and greatest running shoe from New Balance. The 175 gram shoe has a 6 millimeter drop and provides responsive feel underfoot. The Trace Fiber upper provides a lightweight, midfoot support. While the breathable forefoot and bootie construction creates an aerodynamic fit with minimal friction and maximal lines.

The FuelCell Rebel has a Revlite mid sole and FuelCell forefoot, increasing the responsiveness and enhancing energy return. The distinguishable and unique lateral weave on the mid sole disperses pressure evenly throughout the foot making for a nice, smooth ride.

On first trying on the New Balance FuelCell Rebel, there was a sense of comfort and stability. While also an apparent lightness to the shoe. The shoe fits like a glove, like putting on an old pair of slippers. My initial concerns were around the shoe being quite light. After having had previous foot injuries, and previously worn heavier and softer shoes. A very first test run of the shoe, of a couple of minutes on the treadmill helped reduce these concerns.

However the real test was going to be when I started running outside on local footpath. On the first morning lacing up the shoe, my initial fears returned. However I headed out the door. Within the first kilometer, I could feel the difference in the New Balance FuelCell Rebel. I felt stable and controlling with my run, my foot landing was flawless, and my takeoff had power and stability. The first run was an easy paced seven and a half kilometers, however I kept catching myself wanting to run faster, due to the optimized landing position and weight of the shoe.

Further, I had had some nagging hip pain in the weeks leading up to running with the New Balance FuelCell, however that didn’t seem to be an issue and I don’t think this was a coincidence.

In the days that followed, I ran a shorter run of about four kilometers, and another run of about six, in the Rebel, followed by my longest one ever. My first impressions were that I wouldn’t be able to complete a long run in these shoes, however, I was pleasantly surprised, by the feel and comfort, over 14 K’s on Sunday. That had some low grade trails, road, and bike path.

While I’m yet to run in the Rebel in the rain or wet conditions, I would anticipate that due to the base, it might slip around on wet surfaces, and I would not recommend this for a true or technical trail. These are a lightweight shoe that are ideal for road running, and racing.

Further, the Rebel is not for everyone. The Rebel is suited to someone who has a natural tendency to land towards the mid or forefoot, and potentially a lighter weight runner. This would not be suited to a runner who has a high disposition to land on their heel, or a heavier runner.

I am a raving fan of this shoe, and would highly recommend it, after having been in a variety of shoes over the last three to four years. I feel the New Balance FuelCell Rebel is here to stay. This shoe could be integrated into the rotation for someone who likes a lighter weight or [inaudible 00:03:05] shoe for their speed workouts, and someone who prefers their easier and longer runs within a heavier, softer shoe.

As always though, comfort must come first for running shoes. The New Balance FuelCell Rebel are just like sliding into your Ugg boots at the end of the day. If you are a runner with a similar profile to myself, looking for a lightweight, neutral training shoe, that can take you from your Saturday park run, through to your next half marathon, then the New Balance FuelCell Rebel could be the shoe you’ve been searching for.

I would rate this shoe a nine out of ten.

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